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ZILART became the most saleable project of 2016 in Moscow

14 March 2017

ZILART art-class residential complex being constructed by LSR Group in the territory of the former plant ZiL in Moscow became the most saleable project of 2016. According to IRN-Consulting, in the preceding year the volume of sales of apartments in ZILART amounted to 6.5 % of the total volume of uptake in the new build market of Moscow from the Third Ring Road to the Moscow Ring Road. 

According to the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography (Rosreestr) and IRN-Consulting, the total volume of uptake in the new build market of Moscow between the Third Ring Road and the Moscow Ring Road amounted to 975,500 sq. m (16,022 transactions) in the last year. According to 214-FZ, the total number of residential complexes to be sold amounted to 70 with 4,010,200 sq. m of apartments. During the year, 24.3 % of the the total area of housing in projects were sold.
According to the research, the pace of sales of 10 leading residential complexes in the capital was above the market average indicators, i. e. amounted to 39.2 % of all designed apartments when the average level was 18.4 %. Besides, this indicator with regard to ZILART exceeded 54 %.

ZILART residential complex being built by LSR Group is located 5 km away from Kremlin and shall become a perfect place of living for those who appreciate their comfort, business opportunities, creative realization and inspiration from various cultural events. ZILART complex shall comprise public areas, unique houses, a park with total area 20 ha as well as social, cultural, educational and entertainment facilities designed in the uniform architectural style. The 30 most well-known architectural bureaus in Russia and around the world design ZILART houses. Hermitage-Moscow Museum of modern art shall become a key facility and local cultural centerpiece. The museum was designed by a wold famous architect Hani Rashid, co-founder of Asymptote architectural bureau.

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