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LSR Group is actively involved in charity programmes aimed to lend a helping hand to the people in need as well as to restore and preserve Russia’s cultural heritage.

We treat our charity activities as an investment into human capital assets, improvement of social environment and living standards in our key regions of presence: St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, Moscow and the Moscow region, Yekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region.

The charity policy of LSR Group is based upon the following principles:

  • targeted assistance;
  • efficiency;
  • consistency.

The key priorities of our charity activities are as follows:

  • child care;
  • support of vulnerable social groups;
  • regional development in our key markets;
  • restoration and preservation of Russia’s cultural heritage.

Our key charity projects:

  • cooperation with the charitable foundation Parents’ Bridge;
  • support of the charitable foundation Deti Zhdut
  • corporate volunteering;
  • construction and reconstruction of social infrastructure.

A large-scale project which implies purchase of necessary equipment and repair of preschool facilities, schools, sports centres, cultural and medical institutions in various districts of the Leningrad region is carried out with a financial support from LSR Group.

Cooperation with the charitable foundation Parents’ Bridge

Since 2004, the charitable foundation Parents’ Bridge and LSR Group have been carrying out a programme aimed to support families willing to adopt orphans. The name of the programme is Angels with Broken Wings. LSR Group provides targeted financial support of the adopted and fostered children and allocates funds for the individual work of psychologists and social educators providing efficient follow-up advice for the families. As a result of Angels with Broken Wings programme 138 children have already found new parents.

Support of the charitable foundation Deti Zhdut

Since 2010, LSR Group and the Northwest Orphans Fund Deti Zhdut have been carrying out a programme aimed to assist families wiling to adopt orphans. As part of this programme an Internet portal детиждут.рф was created which contains information on children institutionalised in orphanages of Northwestern Russia. The programme has already helped 2734 children from St. Petersburg, the Leningrad region, the Novgorod region and the Pskov region to find new parents.

The project Mama Ryadom carried out by LSR Group and Deti Zhdut foundation is aimed at young mothers who found themselves in a difficult situation. The project implies providing accommodation to young mothers undergoing rehabilitation course which includes assistance of psychologists, social workers and lawyers.

Another joint project with Deti Zhdut fund has been recently launched aimed to foster integration of children with disabilities and expand their social circle. The project implies financing of an art school where children with disabilities study together with ordinary children.

Corporate volunteering

In 2012, our employees initiated a charity programme aimed at orphan children. In particular, the volunteers organise parties, games and other events for children institutionalised in orphanages.

Regional development support

Our subsidiaries not only contribute to regional development as the major employers and taxpayers but they are also actively involved in addressing local community priorities through funding social and charity programmes, taking part in the development of territories, construction and reconstruction of major social infrastructure facilities.

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